Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Celebrating #8

Saturday we celebrated #8
It began bright and early in the Salt Lake Temple.
Emmy received her endowments.
I'll blog about that later this week.

Then in the afternoon Kev and the kids did baptisms in the Ogden temple while I took the little girls shopping at the Dollar Tree for some decorations for the grave and junk treasures for themselves. 

Lilly chose whistles for one of her treasures and she and Janie whistled while we all sang Happy Birthday to Baby Kevin.

Kevin asked the kids what we should call Baby Kevin now that he'd be 5.
A few said Kevin Jr
A few wanted to keep calling him Baby Kevin.

Lilly made sure we sang songs, held hands and she wanted to say our family prayer.

Glad Rachel could join us too.
We missed our Arizona people.

I found my Uncle Loyd's headstone a couple of rows West of Kevin Jr's.
It turned out so nice.

We filled up on french dips, malibu chicken, roast beef, fries, a cheeseburger, and a corn dog with razzleberry pie and ice cream for dessert.

Gracie with her crouton and bacon bit salad.

These two are obsessed with the little junk toy machines.  They usually hound me and Kev for quarters but this trip they came prepared with a whole bunch of their own.

We drove past the Moon Ranch on our way out.
Grandpa's got some sheep on his property and they're doing a fine job of keeping the weeds down.
My aunt and his neighbors are taking care of his place.  He's still in St George.  Our trip wasn't quite the same without our visit with him.