Wednesday, May 24, 2017

An Orphan



How's that for curb appeal?!
We are finishing up sanding and painting all the doors in the house and then it will be ready for the open house this weekend.
What a month.

I gotta tell ya after this big piece of machinery had been sitting across the street for two weeks I was beginning to panic.  We did not want that thing there when it was time to show the house.  I called the city and they said there was no telling how long it would be there so we were extremely relieved when the semi pulled up to haul it out.

This is us, (I really miss that show) taking a break to share a bowl of leftover chili for dinner.
The husband and I have worked on a lot of projects together but this one has been my favorite.
We're a pretty good team.

The children are all grateful that life has been getting somewhat back to normal.
They have all been so good to take care of each other at home.