Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wrap Up

Janie loves the Deb do...

And my girl Kloe (despite the look on her face) loves to get her workout on.
It took me 43 years to like working out.

I am so proud of this girl!
She is getting ready to wrap up her 9th grade year.
In a few weeks she'll take the Spanish AP test.  She's been studying and taking practice tests.  I think after 9 years of Spanish she's ready.  Our Kloe loves her Spanish!
She's also finishing up the requirements for her Young Women's Medallion.  One of the things she needed to do was share her testimony of the Savior.  She has such a sweet testimony of Jesus Christ and she gets so emotional when she talks about him.  I still remember her coming home from church when she was around 10.  She was upset after watching a video about the crucifixion of Christ.  Seeing him suffer made her cry, and she couldn't figure out why no one else in the class was as sad as she was.   
It's taken her months to have the courage to share her testimony but during our last Fast Sunday Kloe did it.  She walked right up to the stand and shared her belief in and love for her Savior.  She spoke with courage and conviction.  I was so proud of her for overcoming her fears and sharing her feelings about our Savior with others.  She also shared how she came to realize that Satan was the one planting those fears inside her.  The last thing he wants is for a follower of Christ to testify of him.