Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Fist Bump

Last Saturday I got this text message from Estabon...

Being the helpful mother that I am, I went ahead and ordered a corsage and picked it up for him.  
He told me to order it from the Flower Patch so I did.

When I got there it was like a blast from the past!  Even though it was a different location than the one I worked for in High School, all the smells, displays, planter and flower arrangements were pretty much the same.

This was not going to work.
I told them Rachel's dress was a mauvey pink.
The roses in the corsage looked purple.
So I became THAT customer, the one I always dreaded who didn't like what they'd ordered.
But for the record, I was VERY nice and VERY apologetic and took all the blame since I'd ordered so late.  The new one was much better and the employee was really nice about all of it. 

I went by "Rebecca" when I worked at the Flower Patch because my pal Becky Smith (pictured) worked there too.  I loved that job and I'm so grateful to my friend Christina for helping me get it.

Look at this handsome guy!!

He made him some special Prom socks to match his tie.

Love the fist bump.
This picture sums these two up pretty well.

Last week I asked Rachel if she was excited to go to the Prom.
She said she'd been looking forward to it since the 9th grade.
Then I asked her if she thought, in the 9th grade, that she'd go with Dakota.
Her reply, "I knew I would".