Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Taco Tuesday

Last Thursday Stella Jane came to stay with us while her parents are having a week of love in Mexico.
There is N.E.V.E.R. a dull moment with Stella around.

She LOVES this shirt and tells me it says PAG since she's reading it upside down.
She starts the day in a clean outfit and by the end of the day she's pulled this shirt out of the dirty clothes and put it back on.

Stella decided she and Lilly were going to put on a dance show for the family so she made "posters" to advertise and hung them all over the house.

Stella Jane is kind of a picky eater.
She's only eaten string cheese, fishy crackers and apples...until we introduced her to Lilly's favorite pumpkin muffins.  They have no sugar and are extra healthy so I let her eat all she wanted.

Yesterday Stella and I relocated to her house and I'll be watching her and her brothers and sister for a few days.   Best part about these kids is they aren't mexican food haters so we'll for sure be observing Taco Tuesday tonight at Del Taco.  I'm so excited!!