Friday, April 21, 2017

Oh Snap!

A few months ago I joined the world of snapchat.

While I am not a professional snaper like Emmy, Estabon, Kloe, and Gracie, I get a lot of entertainment from the children and their friends sending me snaps.  

This one from Kloe won snap of the week...

It'll be a slow weekend at the Beck House.
We're celebrating Earth Day (possibly for the first time ever) by taking a load of electronic, green and hazardous waste, along with some bulky recyclables to the Taylorsville Earth Day Collection Event.  Doesn't that sound exciting?!  Estabon will be going to the Prom.  We forgot to take Gracie on her date last month so we'll make good on that.  I'll be shopping for a very big project that begins on May 1st, stay tuned.  And hopefully some homemade strawberry jam will happen.