Friday, April 28, 2017

A Bunch

Yesterday we did a bunch of sealings in the Salt Lake Temple.  
They were all family names and it was so great to be able to take our own names to the temple!  
Kevin saw Elder Rasband in the sealing room next to ours.  I would have loved to talk to him and thank him for the talk he gave in the April General Conference 5 years ago about his grandson Paxton.  His message brought such comfort to our family.  I'll never forget it.  I reluctantly resisted the urge to bust into his sealing room and give him a hug.

I buy cupcake liners in bulk and Lilly's been crafting with them this week.  She also made me some lovely cupcake liner earrings.

I've been making lists and lists getting ready for the big project that starts Monday.
Saturday after we celebrate Mama Linda's 70th birthday I'll be shopping for paint, blinds, cleaning supplies,  molding, curtains, shelving, light fixtures, and a bunch of other little things.  We have lots of work ahead of us but it's going to be worth it.