Friday, March 03, 2017

Yay, it's an Early Day!

Look at this sweet baby!
He's been battling a cold and cough, poor thing.
Pops is headed to Mesa next week to give him some baby squeezes.

Jax, Aubrey and Beau have spent the week at Rob and Steph's cabin.
The cabin is near Snowflake Arizona.
That's fitting.

I've been having the girls do more cooking these days.
Kloe made Chikfila chicken this week and it was a win!

Kever came home from Logan with the pukes!
I haven't seen him so sick in a long time.
Thankfully it was only a 24 hour thing (pretty sure it was something he ate) and thank goodness for these guys...

He ate a bunch once he quit puking.

When I woke up Janie this morning she asked me what day it was.
When I told her she said, "YAY, it's an early day!"
Early out Fridays are the best!
And Fridays when our Emmy comes home for a visit are even better!
Speaking of Emmy, she sent me this message the other day...

She is serious.
She wants that diploma.