Monday, March 27, 2017

Monument Valley

Kevin has been SO excited to see Monument Valley for the first time! 
 Thursday night when we turned on the TV in our hotel room, Forest Gump was on and it was the Monument Valley scene.  
Seriously, it was.  
The Beck's are BIG fans of the movie Forest Gump.  
So we were feeling like all the stars were aligning for us to experience MV.

But first I had to get a picture of the windmills.  
I love the huge white windmills.  Kevin's trips are a success if he sees turkeys, mine are a success if I see windmills.

Can't leave Esty out...

Monument Valley

Apparently, pictures taken in the middle of the road with #monumentvalley in the background is a thing.

Sluffin' it Outdoors was filming today too so we have that to look forward to.

We drove into Mesa around 4, rewarded the tired travelers with ice cream, and then met up with the family.

All the adults (and Beau) went to the Outback for a meal.  Esty was SO happy to be an adult so he could come along.  Kloe was TICKED because she is not an adult and had to stay at Uncle Bobby's and babysit.