Thursday, March 02, 2017

I Think of My Dad

I got to spend some time at the Dr with my Dad yesterday.
As much as I HATE cancer, I am grateful for the heads up.  Cancer (not always) but often gives time to plan, to better appreciate, and to make time for what matters.

We spent a lot of time waiting for the Dr so Dad filled me in on all the fun he and my mom had on their cruise last week.  He took tons of pictures and video and I loved hearing all the details.  They went with my sister Kim and her family and it was just what my parents needed!

My Dad got pretty sick last month.
The cancer is growing again and it's been taking its toll on him.  At one point he was so sick they thought they'd have to cancel their trip.  Thanks to some new meds and the entire family praying he'd be able to go, he felt good the days leading up to the trip and felt great the entire trip.  I think some nice weather, good food, and lots of Vitamin D was just what he and my mom needed.

I pretty much have the cutest mom ever!

Love this picture.
Dad told me that when he and my mom were first married (and pregnant with me), they were living in California and they'd sit outside just like this, soaking up the sun and each other.  They have never been short on material for conversations and they always make each other laugh.

Did you know?
Papa Tom LOVES hats.  
He picked him up a few new ones on the trip.

Here he is dancing with my niece Kaitlynn.  My mom's just smiling away there on the right.

This might be my favorite picture of Dad.
First of all, the glasses crack me up, but I love this picture because when I think of scripture study, I think of my Dad.  He has always spent time in his scriptures.  He loves to read, but the books I've seen him read most are his scriptures.  That love has rubbed off on me and I'm grateful for that.