Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Slap Jack Heaven

After church in Midway selfie...

Sorry Haylee, your eyes were closed in all of them and this was the only one that didn't completely cut off Janers.

There was much less snow than last month, although this picture may be deceiving.
We may have broke some records for playing cards and games.
Lilly was in slap jack heaven.

A little Yoga happened too...

The kids get just as excited about seeing the turkey's as their Dad...

I learned something new this trip...the kids told me Lilly likes to dip her pizza in her soda, just like Mama Linda.  Except Mama Linda likes Root beer and Lilly opted for strawberry Fanta.

Em and Haylee taught us a great family night lesson about sacrifice.  
They taught about some of the things Christ has sacrificed for us and we talked about some of the things we can sacrifice for him.
I love the verse in Praise to the Man that says, "Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven..." I have found that to be completely true.