Friday, February 10, 2017

Puke and a Peeping Tom

This poor girl still gets so car sick!
After Kevin dropped me off at the airport in Ogden on Monday Lilly and Dad had a conversation that went something like this...
Lilly:  Dad, I'm gonna need some air
  So Dad rolls down her window 
Lilly:  Dad, I'm gonna need to walk
So Dad pulled over into a McDonald's parking lot and they start doing laps around the restaurant, and then she pukes, a lot.  
Lilly:  Why is my puke orange, it's supposed to be green?
Dad:  Because of what you ate this morning
Lilly:  Oh... that car is going to slip on it

Lilly is always starving after a car sick puke, and she never has any problems eating right after so once she got all the puke out they went inside the McDonald's for some breakfast.

Here's one more conversation they had while I was gone...
Lilly:  Dad I cried for the first time at school today and you can't even be mad at me cause this guy brought, I think they were called reptiles, he pulled one out and my eyes started watering and I started to get upset and then he pulled another one out and then I just cried.
Dad:  Why did you cry?
Lilly:  Cuz Dad, Lizard's are gross

While mom was gone Dad got a camera system hooked up.

So when you come visit us be sure and smile since you'll be on camera :)

Lilly likes to be prepared.

See that bench?
Tuesday morning some creeper stood up on it to look in Emmy's window.  She knew someone was outside and when she peeked out the window she was face to face with a peeping tom.  
Just ask me if her mom freaked out a little?!

So last night her landlord put in motion sensor lights and her dad told her to go get some bear spray (way more effective than pepper spray since it goes 30 feet).

She called the cops and they said to always keep their doors locked and call 911 if the guy shows up again.