Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Peas and Plants

When Estabon told us a couple of months ago he was chosen as a Sterling Scholar his Dad and I told him "that's nice", thinking it wouldn't go any farther than the school level.  Esty doesn't fit the computer geek profile (no offense to all the computer geeks). 
And then last week he tells us he's going to the Region Semi-finals.  He has his interview today.  I told him to show them a few clips from his Sluffin' Outdoors videos, that'll be sure to put him over the top.

Estabon went to the Sweethearts Dance with cute Rachel over the weekend.
This is the cool girl who asked him to the dance with a pool table.
He answered her with a cactus plant, these socks, and a bag of peas telling her he'd pea his plants if he didn't go to the dance with her...or something like that.

He got the idea from his Dad...