Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Little Extras

January is Lilly's turn for a date with Mom and Dad, and February is Janie's.
The two of them wanted to have their dates together because going to McDonalds with a play place buddy is WAY more fun than going alone.  
So yesterday we checked them out of school early to go have some fun!

1st stop:  Frozen Yogurt (which I may or may not have smuggled into the theater)
2nd stop:  The Cinemark to see A Dogs Purpose.

I'm not a dog girl but this movie was pretty cute.

They can't wait for this movie to come out...

3rd stop:  McDonalds for Happy Meals
And not just any McDonalds.  Dad went out of his way to take them to their very favorite McDonalds.

These two are the cutest.
They both love the cheeseburgers, no pickles, no onions.
I am grateful every day to have these two little extras.  
After Gracie I thought we'd have our boy and that would be it.  
Yay for trusting God and his plan for this family of ours.  
He always knows best.