Friday, February 17, 2017

Faux Glasses

This week we had SEP conferences.
This one is extra smart with her very cool faux glasses her friend Mierna gave her.

She thinks glasses are the coolest and it's her dream to fail the eye test so she can get some real ones.

We didn't have to make any Valentine boxes this year.  By we I mean Aunt Tam and the girls.  Bless all the teacher's hearts for making them in class.  Lilly attached tattoos to all of her Valentines and insisted on giving her Dad one...

Now he's even cooler.

Our Valentines Day was full of love.
We broke our Papa Murphy tradition and Dad grilled Manti Chicken for dinner.  We added 7 layer salad, broccoli, fruit, and bubbly bread with sugar cookies from Papa Dave and Mama Linda for dessert.

Happy President's Day weekend!
We are celebrating in our PJ's at the cabin.