Friday, January 27, 2017

They'll Never Go Back

Did you know?
Mama Jan and Papa Tom had never experienced the recliners at the Cinemark, so we fixed that this week!
We've ruined them for life.
They'll never go back.
We went to see Founder.  It's the story of how McDonalds got started.  It was pretty good, but I left feeling a little bad inside.  Check it out, you'll see what I mean.
A couple of weeks ago we saw Hidden Figures.  SO GOOD!  I did not leave feeling bad inside.  Go see it this weekend!!

This kid is over half way through his Senior year.
I am watching him mature and grow more and more into an adult every day.
He's going to be ready to leave his Mama this summer, but not so sure his Mama will be ready for him to go.

These two are getting ready to register for HIGH SCHOOL.

Yesterday Janie took 100 pieces of popcorn to school to celebrate Day 100 of school.
Of course she chose popcorn.
It's her favorite.

This happened a couple of weeks ago out at our tow lot.
One of the companies who rent from us had a customer who decided he'd just break in and drive his impounded car right out of the yard. 
It didn't go so well.