Monday, May 19, 2014

Missionary Monday - Week 8 in BNH

Not a whole lot to say.

I set a new personal record for investigators in church this week. At least for investigators older than 18. We brought a boat load of little kids to church in Noronha. But anyways, it was awesome. Unfortunately we will have to help two couples get married and with the way they like to transfer us I'm not sure if we will be able to get it done in time for me to see it. But I have full confidence in Elder Oliveira if I were to leave.

Do you remember the lady that showed up randomly during the baptism? Her name is Margareth and she is pretty much Joseph Smith in the form of a woman. She reads a ton and has a study journal with questions ready for us every time we show up. Unfortunately she is super addicted to cigarettes and isn't married. She has three beautiful children and lives with their dad, but he isn't cooperating. There are TONS of single parent families down here and Margareth's is actually one of the better families I have seen, but even then they have their problems. She said that she will run away if she has to to get baptized, and is actually leaning towards it. That would be the easiest way, but we can't support that.

Besides that I don't have anything to interesting to write about. I scored low in my monthly Christ like attribute quiz on having the faith to make good things or miracles happen in OTHER people's lives. So I have been running some faith experiments with good results, one of which being so many investigators in sacrament meeting, but none of them have gotten baptized yet so the quest continues.

Elder Andersen is visiting the missionaries in São Paulo this week, so that should be good.

Elder Beck

Oh, if you were serious about sending a package, I have been coveting one elder's work out bands. They are just giant bungies that you clip onto a handle on each side. They come with like 5 or 6 bands with different levels of resistence. If they are expensive its not a big deal.