Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day to Me

Isn't Skype the GREATEST THING EVER?!?!

We got to talk to Jackson for an hour and it was just so fun to see and talk to him!  It was also very entertaining watching Lilly have a conversation with him.  She had by far the most to say!  His mission has, for the most part, gone by really fast.  His release date is February 24th and although it's still 9 months away we will blink and it will be here.

Jackson can not get over how tall Estabon is.  He was a little baby boy when Jax left and now he's part man part teenager.  I am betting Esty will be taller than Jax by the time Jax comes home :).  Sorry Jax.

The kids LOVE the Baby Kevin video their Dad made.
These two have probably watched it more times than the rest of the kids.  It doesn't matter that Lilly was too young to remember.  She knows Baby Kevin is her little brother and that he's an important part of our family.