Sunday, May 04, 2014

A Great Week Ahead

Our Baby Kevin lilac bush is blooming and smelling so good!

Mama Jan and Papa Tom joined us for dinner.
We side tracked Lilly before she sang ALL of the Frozen songs.

For a few months now Lilly refuses to eat dinner.  On Sundays she waits until everyone is having their dessert and then decides she'll eat so she can have dessert too.  She's lucky she has such a nice grandma who helped her power through it.

We have a great week ahead...
~Tomorrow is Missionary Monday and we'll coordinate talking to our boy on Mother's Day!!
~Emmy takes 2 AP Tests, which having to take the tests isn't great, but getting them behind her totally is.
~Me, Lilly and Janie are taking a little field trip to Farmington to visit Mommy Marci.
~Emmy has her final Granite Youth Symphony performance
~We take a trip to Malad, Idaho to celebrate our Baby Kevin's birthday