Friday, April 04, 2014

Day 5 - Oklahoma City Temple

Last night Estabon went to sleep covered by a white hotel blanket.  This morning when I went in to wake him up the blanket was gone.  We looked everywhere for it.  It had completely disappeared.  It was a mystery.  Until I noticed the door was unlocked...

Have I ever mentioned Esty talks in his sleep?  And occasionally sleep walks too :).

Emmy's good friend Sister Fairbourn is serving her mission in Witchita.  We got permission for Em to meet Sister Fairbourn and her companion for breakfast.  I missed it, but I hear there was quite a bit of screaming and squealing involved when these two saw each other :).

We spent the morning driving.  The husband and I love a good road trip.  We have plans, once all the children get married, to buy a motor home and travel the country visiting our grand babies :).

When Elder Beck Sr served his mission in Oklahoma there was no temple.  So this was his first visit.  It just so happened that one of the temple workers was his Stake President while he served in Stillwater. 

A note to the Meldrums--Estabon was baptized for all 24 of your family names in this temple :).

We decided to be like Esty and change in the parking lot...

The plan was to go for Chicken and waffles after the temple but instead opted to visit Joes one more time!

Kloe, Joe (the eskimo), Buffy (the dog), and Emmy.

We arrived back at Trish and Dale's house at about 8pm.  I was glad to get back to my babies.  

Tired cousins :).