Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Real Live Princess

Tonight was the big night...

Her dad said she looked like a real live princess :)

Her best "boy" friend, Connor, took her to the dance.

In other news...

Gracie finished the 2nd Harry Potter book so Aunt Tami took the girls to Poopy Donalds to celebrate and then they watched the 2nd Harry Potter movie AND formed a book club to begin reading book 3 in the Harry Potter series!  And that Spidy girl of ours!  Isn't she the cutest!!

Kloe's turn for date night with her mom and dad.

She based her choice of restaurants on the one that had the best Mac n' Cheese.
Macaroni Grill was the winner!

Kloe's newest addition to her owl collection and Esty taking good care of his newest addition, baby Jerry.

11pm - Picked up Esty and baby Jerry from his friends house.  He and his buddy's took Jerry for his first visit to Leatherby's for ice cream.