Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Texas Bound

Me and 4 of my girls started our Spring Break early.  At 5am we headed to the airport, Texas bound!  

They have all flown before but none of them remember much about it.  They were a little nervous but mostly excited :)!

We had a stop in Denver and another in Tulsa where we didn't get off the plane.  The crew was great to entertain the girls! A cute grandma stewardess even pulled Lilly out of one of her minor freak shows.

We made it.  And aside from Lilly's 2 minor freak shows, it was painless and fun!

So excited to have a few days to spend with my sister Trish and the Texas cousins!!!

Kever, Em and Esty will join us on Sunday and then Monday morning we hit the road.  In addition to visiting the temples we will be visiting some of the places Kevin served on his mission in Oklahoma, the St Louis Arch, and a few Triple D restaurants!

Bummer we miss this by 4 days :(.