Sunday, March 30, 2014

Saturday in Texas

Early this morning I hit the wall...

Literally.  I walked out from the bathroom, it was dark, I forgot to take a quick left, and bam!  I hit the wall.  My forehead and nose took the worst of it.

Uncle Dale, Madi, Kloe, and Haylee went to the Dallas Temple this morning to do baptisms for the dead.  42 Baptisms done, 186 to go.

Trish introduced me to the greatest chicken nachos on the planet!  Who knew feta on nachos could be so good?

Here's Ben at the plate!  He playes on the Orioles...which he and his brother called the Oreos at the beginning of the season.   Who wouldn't want to be on the Oreo team?

The girls went to a dinner at the church before the General Women's Confrence. Lilly was not invited (it was for 8 year olds and older) but we figured, how difficult could she be during dinner?  The answer to that would be, difficult enough that we did not even attempt to take her to the Women's Conference.

Instead we watched it at Tricia's on the BYU channel.

Meanwhile, back in Utah...

There were some weedtrees that had gotten out of hand at the old house so Kevin, Emmy, Esty, and a few of Esty's friends spent the afternoon on tree patrol.  In the summer there are grape vines that climb up the weedtrees with grapes growing 20 feet high.  I'm not even kidding.

You can add Tree Trimmer to the husbands long list of talents :).