Monday, March 17, 2014

Missionary Monday - Week 5 in Cocaia

Happy Hump Day Elder Beck

I had another story about alcohol last week that I didn't have time to write. We found a couple of ex-investigators that we decided to go visit and when we got to one the guy opened the door and said, "Whats up dude? You haven't been here in a while. Who is the new guy? He's tall." I told him that he must be mistaken because I've never been there before, but he insisted that I had. Then when we walked into the house I remembered that I went there my first week in Brazil 4 months ago on a trade off. Ha ha. They were having a party and were all drunk and kept giving us food. I didn't say more than two words because I spoke zero Portuguese. I couldn't believe it.

We have a good amount of investigators, but they are being bums so there isn't really anything to report about them. Wellington however, is doing fantastic. When we arrived at his house to teach him he was listening to E.F.Y music in English. ha ha. They were the same songs we listened to in Michigan. Mormon missionaries are the only people I know that listen to that stuff. Then he played the guitar while we sang "we'll bring the world his truth". The best part though was at church someone asked if he was a member and he said, "Not yet, I'm just lacking - and then made the baptism motion with his hands and made a splashing noise"! I almost died. It was so great.

I think thats all I have though. Have a good week.

Elder Beck

Photo - Thanks to that one time I left a wad of cash in my pants in the washer I knew that ironing paper works pretty well.


President is always telling us how we need to leave our mark on our areas...

P.S. Feel free to correct my grammar. It's going down the drain.