Monday, March 17, 2014

Emerald Green

In celebrating all that is green I wore my Baby Kevin necklace today.  
I don't think I ever shared the story behind it.

The night I came home from the hospital (I delivered Baby Kevin the day before) my brother Rick and his wife Mindy dropped this off.  I was asleep when they came, but in the middle of the night I woke up and went into the kitchen (probably to load up on more Ibuprofen and Melatonin) and a little gift was sitting on the piano.  I hadn't even given a thought to what Baby Kevin's birth stone was until I opened the box.  I think of him a little more than usual every time I wear it :).

Gracie hooked me up with one of these this morning.

If you aren't wearing green, Lilly and Janie will chase you down and pinch you for sure!

Just keeping Georgie safe...

Tonight we had a family in our neighborhood over for (another) Family Home Evening.  The missionaries have been teaching them the discussions and we helped to show them how to have FHE.
Kloe gave the lesson and showed everyone THIS message and then talked about how we can pray to our Heavenly Father any time, anywhere, and he'll bless us and answer our prayers.

That missionary on the right, Elder Lima, earned the status of Becky Beck's 2nd favorite Elder tonight (of course Elder Beck is my very favorite Elder).  While we were making introductions we shared the kids names and ages.  When it was my turn I shared my age, 42.  Elder Lima says, "Really?? You look like you're 27".