Monday, March 31, 2014

Day 1 - Eskimo Joes

8:09 this morning...

We did something new this trip.  We put the kids on a budget.  We gave each of them cash for food and souvenirs and told them when it's gone, you starve.  We made a stop for ice cream and Esty says, We have to use our food money for that?  Our reply, Uh ya you do.


Kloe can not get over there being no mountains.  When we flew into Tulsa Wednesday she said, Oh my heck, where are the mountains?

Today is dedicated to touring the husbands mission.  He served in the Oklahoma, Oklahoma City Mission.  We visited 3 of his 4 areas.

First stop:  Norman, home of the Sooners!

And home of the wind.

And this was Elder Beck Sr's home while he lived there.

Estabon was a good sport.  Emmy was not.

Ever heard of Braums Ice Cream?  We've been waiting for Braums to come to Utah for over 20 years.  They also have the most amazing cherry limeades.  It's like liquid crack.  I think.  I've never actually tried crack.  

Esty after drinking the liquid crack.

Next Stop:  Guthrie

Kevin lived in the upstairs apartment of this cute house.  And isn't this a great house?

I LOVE this town!  It's old and charming.  Some of the streets are brick and they have lots of fun antique stores.

Any guesses as to which salt & pepper shakers I added to my collection?

Guthrie also has a HUGE Masonic Temple.

Next stop:  Stillwater, home of the Cowboys and Eskimo Joes!

The Oklahoma State campus is beautiful!

Elder Beck Sr's home in Stillwater was not beautiful.

Elder Beck Sr ate TONS of chili cheese fries and drank TONS of Pepsi (I blame Eskimo Joes for his Diet Coke/Pepsi addiction) while serving here.

Gracie, we got this shirt for you :).

Behold... Chicken cheese fries and bacon cheese fries, with ranch on the side, of course.

Kloe won the prize for picking the best meal.  The Eskimo Joes BLT with sweet peppered bacon.  That bacon was so good Esty forked out 75 cents to split a side of it with his dad for dessert.

We finished out the day at the pool and in bed by 10.  Lots of driving ahead of us tomorrow...