Friday, March 07, 2014

Celebrating 21 Years

Kev and I went to Logan for the weekend to celebrate 21 years of us!

I showed Kevin where Emmy will be living when she moves up here in August.  When I say Emmy is counting the days until she goes to college I am not kidding.  She is so excited she can hardly stand it!  Me and Kev are maybe a little excited to send her on her way as well.  She is SO ready to get out into the real world and be on her own.

This is the cemetery between the college and our apartment where we used to take walks through.

This is a picture of the new Huntsman School of Business they are building where our two oldest will probably be spending lots of their time.  (Looks like Jackson may be changing his major from Engineering to Finance).

Our little girls call this "the slide".

Speaking of the little girls bakers.  They went to Mommy Marci's and were spoiled rotten!  Janie asked me why we couldn't go to the beach like last year so she could go to Mommy Marci's for a week instead.

Porter and Minnie