Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Thursday in Texas

There's a fun store called Sam Moon's not too far from Tricia's house.  They have tons of bags (TONS), wallets, jewelry, just to name a few.

So while I took Kloe shopping Tricia took the little ones for ice cream...

And then we noticed this...

So we parked at Chickfila and killed a few hours while Uncle Dale came and fixed it.  

Everything worked out.  It had been about a year since I had my chickfila chicken fix so I took care of that.  The kids got to play in the play/germ place and we fed them dinner and had more ice cream.  And Trish and Dale got to get a couple new tires for their van.  Everyone won today :), sort of.

In other exciting news...

Ben: Mom guess what?!  I lost a tooth today at lunch!
Tricia:  That's so great!  Where is it?
Ben:  I swallowed it.

So what we're all wondering is...will the tooth fairy still visit Ben with no tooth to show for it?