Monday, February 10, 2014

Women and Projectsconnect2014

I love that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints honors and respects women and our roles as wives and mothers. 
I agree with what this Mormon woman has to say on the subject. 

Janie put together another list for her, Dad, and Lilly to accomplish today.  It was pretty much identical to her last list I posted.  Dad asked Janie how she felt about mom coming along.  Her reply Don't you want to stay home and relax Mom?  But I still went even though I wasn't welcome.  Take a guess at what Lilly brought me from out of the play place.  I about hurled.

We gassed the car, got Dad's new iPhone activated, and stocked up on H2O. 
Now that's a productive afternoon :).

Today was my turn to post on
My friend Nora, inspired by the book The Happiness Project, connected a bunch of her friends and some of their friends to blog about monthly projects we're accomplishing.  Check it out HERE.