Friday, February 14, 2014

Service and a Driver

I love that my religion encourages service, Christlike service to everyone around us

Watch THIS great message on service.

Big day for Estabon!!!

Esty passing his eye test.

Esty passing his written test.
(by the skin of his teeth, 40 out of 50)

Esty proudly displaying his learners permit!

Kevin usually does the initial driving with the kids.  Makes me SO nervous to be in the car with them when they are first learning to drive.  But I sucked it up and let him drive me to my various errands.  We were also so hungry we could eat at Arby's, so we did.

My day started at 5am, I had to leave the house (unexpectedly) at 7:45 to meet a contractor out at the old Beck House.  And then it was one thing after the other while most of my little Valentines were stuck at home.  But we did manage to get the most important things accomplished, Esty's permit, Janie delivering her valentines (she LOVED this, better than Christmas!), and a valentine dinner.

The husband has been feeling bad we haven't been watching the Olympics with the kids (remember, no more Dish) so he ran out and bought an antenna.
We all piled in our room to watch.  I snuggled up to Kever and promptly fell right to sleep.  I'm told I even snored.  Nice.  Despite my absence on this day of love, I love Kevin and the kids with all my heart.  They are my life and my greatest joy.  I am so blessed to have every single one of them.