Monday, February 24, 2014

Personal Revelation

I love that my religion teaches of the blessings of personal revelation.  Some of my greatest blessings have come as a result of receiving personal revelation.  You can learn more about personal revelation by studying THIS message.

We were feeling bad for our son's lack of bacon in Brazil so we sent him a bunch of this...

Lilly is STILL a stinker when it comes to sleeping.  She wasn't always this way.  Well, she was a horrible sleeper her first 6 months of life and then a switch flipped and she became the perfect sleeper.  She'd sleep 10-12 hours at night and nap for several hours during the day.  And then after about a year the switch flipped back off.  She woke up one morning at 4am and wouldn't go back to sleep.  From that day on she was a terrible sleeper.
She's improved quite a bit (almost a year and a half later) but she still finds her way into our bed most nights.  We've had kids sleep with us before here and there, and as long as they held still and stayed asleep we didn't mind, but Lilly is another story.  She sleeps sideways, kicks, wakes up multiple times a night whining and moaning, demands to be covered a certain way, wants a drink of water, etc etc.  She makes it impossible for Kevin and I to sleep an entire night together.

So today me and Lilly had a little talk...
Mom: You are turning 3 this week.  3 year olds are big girls and sleep in their own beds, all night long!  You can sleep on the pillow bed Mama Linda made you and it will be so fun!
Lilly says nothing
Janie: Ya Lilly, you can sleep on your pillow bed and Mommy and Daddy can sleep together in their bed.  They used to have really good times when they'd sleep together in their bed. 
Mom:  Amen to that Janie

In Lilly's defense, she is back to being a good napper.