Sunday, February 02, 2014

My Savior Jesus Christ

I love that my religion focuses on Jesus Christ.  
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is Christ's church.  The same church that was on the earth during his life and ministry.  I am grateful for his example of how to live and his love for me.

Watch THIS

I invited my parents over for Sunday dinner earlier this week.
And then remembered it was Super Bowl Sunday.
And then remembered we got rid of our Dish and had no way to watch it.
So we took the family and the meal to my parent's house so we could watch it there.
It all worked out.

We decided to support the Sea Hawks since Kev and the boys have seen them play twice.
But we also love Peyton so we could live with a Broncos win as well.

The girls (Fiona, Kloe, Gracie and Janie) played exercised throughout the game.  After the 2 pounds of Mama Jan's fudge I ate I should have been exercising too.

Gracie's been telling me for months that we should really get "The Total Gym" (the thing Janie's on).