Friday, January 17, 2014

Time for Tea

I've been planning out my goals for 2014.
I reviewed last years goals and over all, I did pretty good.  Not great, but pretty good.
It took me almost the entire year to get back to the 5 o'clock club but I did it and I'm still getting up at 5am and I hope it's a habit I stick with forever.  I use the time between 5-6:15 when the rest of the family gets up to pray, study my scriptures and prepare my Sunday School lessons.  It is like a little gift to me every morning.

Lilly woke up at 7am yelling "Mom!, I got a booger!".  She repeated it over and over again until I took her a tissue.

And then she ate 5 bowls (I'm not exaggerating) of Crunch Berries.

Today is the big day!
Tami's Birthday Tea Party is tonight!

These two went to the Eye Dr this morning.

Emmy had a little trouble reading and composing her text messages after getting her eyes dilated...

The husband had a bit of a stressful day in at the office today so I surprised him with a visit from me and some nasty delicious Wienerschnitzel chili curly fries and a bacon wrapped hotdog.

It's not every year you get a 40th birthday tea party!

Gracie is my child who loves to give homemade gifts.
She made Tami some very cute rainbow loom charms.
And then she showed Tami how she makes her minion bracelets.

They finished the night with Tami taking them all to see Frozen while Kev and I enjoyed a quiet house all to ourselves.