Monday, January 13, 2014

Missionary Monday - Week 2 in Indianopolis

Hello again,

I wasn't very wise with my emailing time so I am going to write this really quick. 

I spent last PDay with Elder Jensen who was in my MTC district, but just barely got to Brazil. He was the last one to get his visa from my group. I love that guy. He was my favorite from the MTC. We spent the day cruising around Indianopolis because there is a good chance he will never get to come to the area again. So we wandered around looking at everything we could and then got some Coldstone for double the price you would pay in the U.S..

I returned to the favela on Wednesday for a trade off. It was a good reminder of how great this area is. I really don't want to go back any time soon.

On friday Sister Pinho was signed up to feed us lunch because they are technically in our ward, but then cancelled because the mission was having a "Sisters Meeting". So we were just out of luck. Then that same day President scheduled a dinner with one of our investigators and her husband who is a member. We were excited for that because she has been pretty stagnant lately, but he canceled that at the last minute too. Then on Saturday he said he would come to the baptism of Jose because Jose is like the greatest investigator ever. So we had him on the program to speak and everything and 10 minutes before the service started he called to tell us he couldn't make it. I hear great things about President, but from what I've seen so far its hard to say. Elder Figueiredo is pretty hot about the matter.

Jose's baptism was awesome though. He will be a bishop within 5 years. David and Jerry will get baptized this Saturday and then another Haitian lady the following Saturday. So things are good here. I am enjoying myself.

Have a good week.

Elder Beck