Thursday, January 23, 2014

Les Mis

Our Kloe LOVES the theater.  So when we heard our friends Austin and Zac Simister were going to have lead roles in their high school performance of Les Mis we had to go!

Their school is within 15 minutes of Taggarts Grill in Morgan so we had to work in Carrot Cake at Taggarts.  On the way to Taggarts Koe says, "You and Dad drive this far to go to dinner???"  After eating her meal she TOTALLY understood why.  We met Chad, Stephanie and Amber Simister for dinner and loved visiting and catching up.  Sorry guys, I should have taken your pictures too :).
PS- Don't you think Kloe in her new glasses totally looks like a blond version of Alex on Modern Family?

Can I just say that this was an INCREDIBLE performance!
I was so impressed!  Everyone was!

Austin (right) was Jean Valjean and Corben (Corben, Austin, and Zac have all played violin with Emmy since she was 6) was Javert.  These boys can not only fiddle like nobody's business but they can SING!

Zac was the Bishop, Pimp and Joly.  I've heard Austin sing before but I had no idea Zac could sing too.   Fantastic job guys!

I was reminded of the graffiti on the walls of my High School bathroom when I saw this.  Glad to see graffiti has improved over the years :).