Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Haircuts and Glasses

Running errands with Spidy Girl and Minnie...

Spidy Girl got a haircut today with Mom.
She loves to have Lacey cut her hair!  She also let Lacey curl it--which she usually complains about when I try and curl it.  She walked around all day just hoping someone would tell her how cute she looked in her new haircut.  She was a little bummed no one at Bed Bath and Beyond said anything, but her sisters all made a big deal over it and isn't that what sisters are for?

These two sisters just had their eyes dilated.
The big sister lost her glasses accidentally on purpose so we had to get her a new pair--a grown up teenager pair, unlike the little girl pair she once had (that she lost accidentally on purpose) that would turn a dark tint when she went out in the sun (she totally hated that).