Monday, August 26, 2013

Missionary Monday - 6th Week in Marshall

I never know how to start these things.

The atheist couple had us over for dinner on Thursday and that was everything that I hoped it would be. Their names are Maricah and George Guerrin. They are in their 60's and pretty much have just become disenchanted with how other churches work and use the excuse that there are too many awful things happening in the world for there to be a God to be atheists. We ended up being there for two and a half hours and it would have been longer if we didn't have somewhere to be. We talked about random stuff while we ate (the food was fantastic by the way) and then they aired all of their concerns about the churches they've been to. They didn't leave us a whole lot of room to talk, but thanks to the Holy Ghost I shared some choice scriptures and ideas and they ate it up. Before we left when we asked if there was anything we could do for them she said "come back!". Needless to say, I'm stoked. I don't know if they will get baptized, but it should be a good time. And I'mma try and do my best to have it be over dinner again because her cooking was fantastic.

The reason we had to leave the Guerrins was because we were going to see a lady named Allyson. She is also in her 60's. I must have a way with grandmas I guess. We met her Tuesday when her sister called us and wanted us to give her a blessing because she had a brain aneurysm a while ago. Her sister is a member from Oregon and was just here to visit. After we left Allyson told her sister that whatever we are, she wants to be apart of it. So we went back Thursday night and taught the Restoration. At the end I explained how the Holy Ghost works and asked her to pray about it being true and being baptized, but I didn't specify to say it out loud so me and Elder Farris awkwardly sat there on our knees for five minutes while she prayed. But when she finished, while still looking down she said, "Something is telling me to go through with this... and I have to assume its the Holy Ghost." Then she looked up and said, "And you are going to baptize me." 

On Saturday the Branch had a BBQ at the Bonnaire residence to celebrate one of the young men leaving on his mission. The Bonnaires are the ones with the fishing pond in their backyard. That thing is freaking sweet! I'm gonna go back next Monday when we have more miles. 

Remember brother Ruz that is from Chile? They made him the new Branch Mission Leader! The Ruz family are brother Young's competitors for my favorite members. God sure is making my visa waiting stay quite pleasant. There is SO much potential here in Marshall. Like if I don't baptize this transfer I am coming home because I don't deserve to be a missionary.

Yesterday we were asked to teach Elders/High Priests Quorum. The lessons in there have been pretty brutal lately so I felt like a good scripture spanking was in order. I picked the priesthood because that is the topic I can Bible bash the best about. Then using a ton of Bible scriptures I just talked about what the priesthood is, how you get it, what you do with it, and the Aaronic/Melchizedek thing. One guy came up to me after and asked where I got that lesson plan from because in 27 years of membership that was the best discourse on the priesthood he's heard. I thought that was nice.

I'm gonna have to wrap this up quick because the librarians are being pretty witchy today. Rightly so though. Elder Farris works the system to print like 50 pages of crap a day for free and they finally busted him.

Anyways, for transfers Elder Farris is getting sent to Cadillac and I am getting a new companion named Elder Finlyson. He has only been on his mission two weeks longer than me and is coming down from the U.P.

Love you all, have a good week.

Elder Beck

The Battle Creek District Missionaries

I came across this picture today.  
So proud of our boy!