Monday, August 19, 2013

Missionary Monday - 5th Week in the Land of Marshall

Albion College Library has a first edition copy of the Book of Mormon and a first edition King James Bible so we checked that out this week. They were pretty sweet. I didn't know the King James didn't come out until 1611. That's not that long ago. I feel bad for the people that lived between Christ's ascension and 1610 because according to a lot of the people we meet God gave us the Bible and that's all we need. I guess they were just out of luck.

Thursday morning we had a morning shift working the fair booth and at 9:30 a.m. before we went in Sister Peterson (Branch President's wife) called me and said that after our visit Sunday the missionary opportunity she was looking forward to the next day didn't go as well as she planned. She said she couldn't sleep for hours that night and kept thinking about what I said about being proactive opposed to reactive in missionary work. 
So she said she made a list of everyone who knows who she is and plans on calling all of them and telling that she is a branch missionary for her church and part of that responsibility is to invite others to come to church activities or learn more about their beliefs and why it makes them so happy. Then she would invite them to either listen to a message prepared by the missionaries, or if the weren't comfortable with that, to write down any religious questions they have and have the missionaries come over and answer, or if they wouldn't be comfortable with that, to come to their house to listen to a brief message about families from her and her daughter, or if not that, to attend the Institute class at the church on Thursdays. How sweet is that?! It almost made me cry. I just wanted to give her a giant hug! That would be frowned upon though. Then she called back like half an hour later and said her atheist friends will have us over next Thursday with a list of questions ready. And they want to feed us! -Point for member missionary work.- It was a happy day for Elder Beck.

The Fair was alright. The theme of the booth was Family Search, but they had some Emergency Preparedness stuff too. Not a whole lot of action there, but to add to my fantastic day one lady we talked with stopped by at the end of our morning shift and we walked around the fair together, looked at a bunch of stuff, shared an elephant ear, and then she took us to lunch where I got a buffalo burger. Her name is Pat Winstanley and she is 75 and Presbyterian. She loves me. All of my Grandma Linda dates prepared me well for her. She agrees with everything we teach her, she just thinks she is too old to change. She has a long social history at her church. So we are basically preparing her for the Spirit World where Kevin can close her.

We finally sat down with a guy we have been trying to get with since I've been here. His name is Mils. He is super cool. He is in like his 50's, has hockey hair, and just goes with the flow. The way I just described him makes him sound like a hippie, but he is a pretty smart dude. He'll like the Plan of Salvation. Then as we were leaving he says, "Do you guys like gum?" - We sure do! I have a practice of pretty much accepting anything anyone offers me. Elder Anderson says that if you accept or borrow something from someone they psychologically can't help but like you more because they are invested in you. He calls it the Benjamin Franklin principle. Ha. Anyways, Mils gave us like 15 packs of gum. He said he has a friend who is a gum rep or something like that, so half of the stuff we got isn't even in stores yet. We aren't allowed to chew gum in public, but I've been pounding it during studies.

That's mostly it for this week. T Calls are on Friday. My guess is they will either send us a third missionary or send Elder Bean back and ship Elder Farris out. Have a good week! Have fun at school! :) Thanks for everything.

Elder Beck