Saturday, August 03, 2013

Double Date

I got 2 dates today!
One in the morning with my Dad and one in the evening with the husband.

My Dad filled in for Kevin this morning in our ward sealing group.  One of the couples in my group are Howard and Betty Norton.  They moved out of my ward 10 years ago but still join our sealing group each month.  Now here's a couple of fun facts--Howard and Betty Norton used to live in my Dad's ward when he was a boy, and Betty used to teach me and my brothers and sisters piano lessons.  
Howard was my Dad's bishop and Grandpa Sollie (my Dad's Dad) was his 2nd counselor when he passed away of brain cancer.  My Dad was 9 when his Dad died and doesn't really remember much about him.  Howard took some time after our sealings to share a few things about Grandpa Sollie.  It was Howard who helped my Grandparents go through the temple and be sealed as a family.  When Howard was first made Bishop of their ward he called Grandma and Grandpa into his office and said he'd been reviewing their files and noticed they hadn't been through the temple.  He asked them why they hadn't, since they were both faithful members.  Grandma Emmy told Howard when Grandpa Sollie proposed to her years ago he proposed a civil marriage.  She decided then that she wouldn't go through the temple until Sollie proposed to her an Eternal marriage.  Now, those who know Grandma Emmy know that sounds EXACTLY like something she would say.  A couple of weeks later they came back to the bishop's office and were ready to prepare to go through the temple.  Howard said he asked Grandpa Sollie why he hadn't gone through the temple sooner and Grandpa said he felt like he had to be perfect to have his temple blessings.  If we had to be perfect our temples would be empty. You just have to love the Lord, repent, be willing to keep a few commandments and do your best.  The really great thing is, going to the Temple helps you to be better.

Kevin and the guys had a successful fishing trip.  He was gone less than 24 hours but we had SO much to talk about!  I told Kevin all about our morning at the temple and did you know?  There is a new temple movie and it is supposed to be amazing!  We'll be going back next week to see it.  Kevin told me about fishing for Slimers, how he fixed his trolling motor, and how excited Stevie and Estabon got over the Poptart Ice Cream sandwiches at Carl's Jr.  I told him about some developments for a surprise brewing (and that's all I'm going to say about that for now :).  We went to dinner and talked for a couple of hours and then we kept talking on our walk.  We let the pintest come along.  Today she'll tell you she's dressed like Cindalella.