Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Back to School 2013

I didn't shed any tears today as I sent the children back to school.  This school year is going to be a great one for the kids and I am loving watching them grow up!

Emmy is a Senior! At our Back to School dinner we asked the kids what they were most looking forward to and for Em it was getting to read one of her birthday letters from Aubrey!

Speaking of Aubrey... She should have arrived in the Ukraine today!  

Estabon is in 9th grade and is most excited for Christmas Break.

Kloe May is in 6th grade and is most excited to have Mrs Bayna for her teacher!

Gracie is in 3rd grade and is most excited about her music and art classes!

Janie is not starting school until next year.  Her Mama is pretty happy about that because I'm not ready to let her go just yet!


Janie has been wanting to get her ears pierced all summer.  This morning she asked if she could pleeease get them done today so we decided to do it.  She was so excited she could hardly stand it! Kloe and Gracie wanted to go with her so we headed to the Mall after dinner.

She was hardly nervous at all but she did shed a few tears right after they were pierced...


She had no trouble deciding on her earrings!  She saw the Hello Kitty pair and those were it!

We finished the night with pretzels and playing in the water.

Had a little streaker at the splash pad.  It took his mom about 10 minutes to realize he'd stripped down to his birthday suit and then she went chasing after him.  Funny!