Saturday, August 17, 2013

Aunt Tami

I didn't forget about spotlighting my brothers and sisters...I just got a little side tracked for a bit.  Today I am featuring Tami--or Aunt Tami as we all call her.

Here are a few fun facts about Aunt Tami...
*She is a DIE HARD UTES fan!!
*She got her Bachelor and Masters Degrees from the University of Utah AND 
*she danced on the Crimson Line back in the day.  
*She danced for like 20 years and we're all convinced Tami is who our Lilly Bug gets her dancing gene from.
*If a stranger saw me, Lilly, and Tami together they would assume Tami was her mother because they look so much alike :)
*Tami has taught Elementary school for 12 years and is always the favorite teacher in her grade.  She's amazingly good at what she does!
*Anytime we get together for family activities Tami always takes over with the little ones and gives me a welcome break!
*She has more iPods/Pads than anyone I know.
*She is incredibly talented and crafty.  She's been making me THE CUTEST calendars for Christmas for as long as I can remember.
*If you've followed this blog very long you already know she's the greatest aunt EVER!!

Love you Tam!

Gracie's been obsessed with this app today!  
It's brought her loads of entertainment.