Saturday, August 24, 2013


Estabon had a pre-season game today.  I was excited!  I didn't miss football during the years Esty took a break from it but it's fun to be back.  The beginning of football means Fall is coming and September (my favorite month of the entire year) is just around the corner!  And with September comes the surprise I've been working on so stay tuned!

Here's my #43 on the sidelines and sadly that's where he stayed the entire game :(.  He pulled a muscle in his butt while warming up.  He jumped up to catch a pass and came down wrong and that was that.  He was in a lot of pain and couldn't run :(.  We weren't there to see it but he made sure to let his dad know that despite the injury, HE CAUGHT THE PASS!!

The loyal fans...

The personal trainer told him to massage it so I helped out there.  He was a little unsettled about the idea of his mom massaging his butt, BUT he got over it, haha!

And here's a few Lillyisms to end the day...

Keem keem = ice cream
I judge you = I want you to pick me up and snuggle me
Toodle Meenie = Minnie
Scary Boo = Scooby Doo
Teet = treat
Hock = chocolate milk
Leely = Lilly 
Buzzies = Bees or Flies