Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Stink is Back

It's been almost 2 years since we had a football player in the house.  Estabon decided to play this year so that will be fun!  What won't be fun is having the football stink back in the house.  

Jackson had a great visit with his Uncle Scott today over lunch at the Pizza Hut!  Scott said Jackson is doing great and is happy.  That makes this mama happy :)!

The Texas cousins arrived tonight and all these girls are in cousin heaven!

Natalie is doing great, just growing that baby girl in the hospital hotel!  Check out the mega dose of iron they are giving her!    If she were to hemmorhage during delivery the extra iron in her blood would help.  The plan for now is that she'll deliver at 36 weeks (which is in 2 weeks) unless she hemmorhages and then she'll have an emergency c-section.  She's a trooper!