Wednesday, July 03, 2013

The GREATEST Jackson Hole Trip of all Time!

We headed out early this morning for our 4th of July Jackson Hole Beck Family Vacation Extravaganza!  (After the husband jumped the family truckster)

Getting there is just as fun as being there.  We always stop for breakfast in Evanston, gas and drinks in Cokeville and ice cream at the cheese factory in Star Valley.  

This would be the Cheese Factory in Star Valley.
It's closed :( = No ice cream :(
Star Valley is getting an LDS Temple soon!  We'll work a trip to the temple into the mix when that happens.

Are you all sitting down?
Lilly bug was an almost perfect traveler!  Our only complaint was when she kept switching music on the iPad every 10 seconds, and then playing some of the same songs over and over and over.  Estabon had the genius idea to give her earphones and that took care of that!  Except she preferred sticking them up her nose.

(Sorry Em, didn't realize you were falling asleep in this pic)
This will probably go down as THE GREATEST Jackson Hole trip of all time!
The Jackson Lake Lodge is Mama Linda and Papa Dave's "place".  They both worked here before they got married, and although they grew up together it was working here together where they "got serious" :) and then they got married, had Kevin, and eventually Kevin married me and we had Emmy.
Needless to say, Mama Linda and Papa Dave love this place and come visit several times a year.  Today they got to see Emmy play with the Granite Youth Symphony in the Lodge, with the amazing Tetons in the background.  They played beautiful patriotic music, and I Dreamed a Dream from Les Mis, a family favorite.  Stevie may or may not have shed a few tears during that song.

Me and Kev's very first Jackson Hole trip together was way back in 1990.  

Here's Emmy leading the "tuning of all the instruments" -- I'm sure it has a more proper name than that but you get the idea.

We finished up the day with old home movies from past Jackson trips.  Speaking of Jackson, we are missing him a bunch.  You know we conceived Jackson here, which is why we named him Jackson.  Just kidding :)