Saturday, July 27, 2013

Party at the Cabin

"Mom will you pleeeeease take us to the library" -Kloe.   Music to my ears.

It was a quiet ride to the cabin until Emmy started singing along to her music :).

There was nonstop cousin heaven going on!  They played the Survivor game for hours!

Can you even imagine Janie's excitement over this activity?

Megan showing everyone her sweet Yoga moves.

One of our favorite Sollis traditions=the adults eat first!

Aunt Kimmy introduced Lyla to Nutella.  She was a big fan of dipping her chips in it.

Happy 4th Birthday Samabama!!  
He almost didn't make it to his own party!  He got mad, pouted for a while, then fell asleep and DID NOT want to wake up.

We left Lilly home with Aunt Tami.  If I would have taken her she would have missed her nap and I just didn't have the energy to battle a tired Lilly :) Thanks Tam for taking one for the team!