Tuesday, July 09, 2013


Me and my beautiful sisters.
May 2011

The one in the middle is my sister Natalie, you know, the one I went to visit last month, the one that will be joining the Cinco de Chica club shortly.
It's been a roller coaster of a week for her and our entire family.  Her Dr told her last week that she thinks Natalie has Placenta Accreta (up until then she'd been on bed rest for Placenta Previa).  Placenta Accreta is much much worse than Placenta Previa.  We are all praying for her and her baby Brooklyn and we held a family fast this past Sunday.

My Mom and Dad left for Seattle a couple of days after she received the news.  They are great that way to take care of and be there for their kids.  That's my dad in the background helping to get a new pool set up in their backyard.  (The old one got attacked by a Raccoon and they had to retire it)

I told Natalie she needed to be on bed rest by the pool in her swimsuit (might as well get a tan while she's at it) and this is the picture she sent me.  She looks pretty good for being 32 weeks pregnant and she's got those great Moon legs!
Natalie has an appointment Monday morning with a specialist at one of the best clinics in the country.  In the mean time she's having faith and trusting in God's will, we all are.  We love you Natalie and are praying that you and Baby Brooklyn will be blessed with a safe delivery.