Monday, July 29, 2013

Missionary Monday - 2nd week in Marshall

 don't know how often the Jehovah's Witness's come around in Utah, but if they do knock on your door don't get upset with them because you have a "no soliciting" sign! I am so tired of hearing that from people here. Proselyting is different than soliciting. And totally legal! 

Anyways, a member took us fishing last Monday and that was awesome. I caught a sweet large mouth on my second cast. Its too bad we aren't allowed to go on boats cause I would tear it up. The fishing in Michigan is fantastic. And the weather this week has been fantastic! 

We had interviews with President Hess on Tuesday. I really love that guy. He usually says that he's sure the Visa will come in a week or two, but this time he basically said that he has no idea and I could easily be here the whole transfer. 

They transferred Elder Bean to WMU on Thursday so now it is just me and Elder Farris and I'm in a regular companionship for the first time in my mission. Its a nice change of pace. Teaching and tracting are easier with just two. I have a little bit more control of the flow of things. 

We got asked to help an inactive family move on Saturday. I don't think they could have qualified for the TV show Hoarders, but they were pretty close! It took forever and they had some heavy crap. Not to mention the whole time we were doing this they sat on their butts and smoked cigarettes.

I don't have much else to report on for this week. We found some sweet people so we'll see if any of them materialize. Thanks for all your support.

Elder Beck

The 3 in the middle are members of our branch who all leave for missions this month.  From left to right, Bulgaria, Australia (Mandarin speaking), and Boise Idaho.

They have lakes like these all over.

They call these black squirrels Lamanite squirrels.

We asked Jackson what he meant by the "sweet" people they've found and he said they've got some great investigators they are working with but he's worried he'll jinx it by talking about them :) 

Still no word on the visa, in fact we know about a missionary going to Jackson's same mission who has been out 5 weeks longer than Jackson and he's still in the Provo mission waiting for his visa so it's looking like it could be a couple more months.  He isn't letting it get him down though and is really loving Michigan!