Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Trip to Idaho

"Look Mom it's you" -Lilly 
If you can't tell, this is Anne Murray.  She also thinks I'm Celine Dion :)

Today was a boring Summer day for my kids.  They hated it.  I loved it!  Got caught up on my house work, paid a few bills and didn't have to go anywhere.  

Tricia, Madi, and Haylee went to Idaho to pick up Mickayla from BYU Idaho and then the rest of her family +Megan +Natalie's 3 girls went to visit Grandpa Moon and Baby Kevin's grave.  (And the Dude Ranch of course)

Estabon is especially excited to have his aunt Megan visiting :).  And we're all excited the Arizona Sollis's arrived tonight!