Sunday, July 21, 2013

Come Come Ye Saints

It was a busy Sunday and I am exhausted.  I was up at 6am making tons of pulled pork and going over my Sunday School lesson.  I went back to bed and woke up to Kevin rocking Lilly.  He's a good Daddy.  He rocked her for almost an hour before heading off to his church meeting.  

(The glider of death)

We had family night at Mama Jan's and Papa Tom's house.  We made sure Natalie didn't miss out on the fun...

Aunt Kimmy and Emmy composed a piano/violin/cello arrangement of Come Come Ye Saints that they along with several cousins played in a couple of sacrament meetings today.  They played it for Aunt Natalie tonight as well.  It was amazing!

Like father like son...

Actually this is my brother Rick with my nephew Ben.  Ben looks like he belongs to Rick.

And this cute boy is Sam.  Sam belongs to Tricia and Dale and looks SO much like Estabon did at that age!   Aside from a couple of bee stings and 2 children getting hit in the face with the glider, it was a fun night!