Monday, July 08, 2013

Back Home and Happiness

This was my vacation book this trip.
I had heard some good things about it and so I put it on hold at the library months ago.  It came available a few weeks ago so I downloaded it onto my Kindle (Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my Kindle?  Kevin's parents gave it to me for Christmas and I've read more in the last several months than I have in the last several years :).  Anyway, I was a bit skeptical about whether or not I would like it because I consider myself to be a pretty happy person but I figured a little more happiness never hurts right?  I'm about half way through and I'm really liking it, partly because the author and I are a lot alike and in her first month she basically did what took me an entire year to do back in 2010.  My favorite bit of advice so far is to "Act the way you want to feel".  She also has a rule that she has to be true to who she is.  It's easy to feel guilty for feeling like we should do something we don't like to do, for instance, Gretchen (the author) doesn't like to talk on the phone (I'm right there with her) so she sends short emails for birthdays instead of calling.  Some might argue that a phone call is better, but for Gretchen, an email is a better fit.  Anyway, I need to read fast because after tomorrow the book disappears (which is why the Kindle is so great because you will never ever have a late fee since it automatically returns itself :)

What a fun vacation we've had!  Nothing beats getting away with family and just having fun together.  Thanks Papa Dave and Mama Linda for such a great trip!